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1.) It doesn’t matter if you are an actor or not. You will do tech and you will sweat and get your hands dirty. Don’t complain. Everyone has to do it.

2.) Your first semester of lab you will probably only be trusted with grunt work…if you are capable of doing that then you will be promoted to something more interesting…so just do it.

3.) Never let Mrs. Raine’s smile fool you. Ever. Make her angry and it can change just like that!

4.) Don’t take practicum students for granted, they do the stuff that you don’t want to. Unless they are also incapable…then it’s okay to complain. A little.

5.) What is said on headset stays on headset. Period.

6.) Sarcasm is the primary language of all theater majors techies and actors alike. Embrace it.

7.) When Mr. Peters starts speaking in metaphors…listen. Good metaphors are hard to come by.

8.) Petty drama means nothing in the long run most people just talk to let out steam. Just let it go.

9.) Do the papers! All of them! Trust me they make a difference!

10.) Always say hi to Michelle and have a chat with her! They will always brighten your day.

11.) Follow through with what you say. Reliability is respected here.

12.) Do what your stage manager says. Even if he/she is wrong. Their word is final.

13.) The best time to have a conversation with Specht is when he is really tired! Best ever!

14.) If you decide to work a show for Arts Alliance….don’t let the techies be rude to you! It’s not okay.

15.) Don’t be afraid to ask the older majors questions. They have probably done it and messed up. Learn from their mistakes. Then you won’t have to learn from yours.

16.) Being in a play is not an excuse for not coming to your theatre classes or any classes in general. Theatre majors have a bad rep when it comes to getting schoolwork done. Change that.

17.) If you’re tired and can’t leave the theater take full advantage of the various spaces in which you can sleep. There are at least 8 off of the top of my head.

18.) Never apologize for being who you are. Own it. Take pride in it.

19.) Never miss a strike. Ever. Don’t do it.

20.) Don’t complain about your costume! You have no idea of the amount of thought and time it takes to create a costume. Appreciate. Also If you have a deathwish...go ahead..eat in your costume...I DARE YOU!

21.) Boys: Eyeliner is not negotiable.

22.) When given notes at rehearsal take it and apply it. Don’t make excuses or try to defend yourself. A good actor can always take criticism well.

23.) Caffeine is your friend.

24.) Memorize your lines as soon as you receive a script. You will stand out.

25.) If it is not your prop….don‘t touch it.

26.) If you are doing a show that involves community members. Be an example not a problem.

27.) Always clean the paintbrushes!

28.) The greenroom is your sanctuary treat it as such. No one wants to eat in a room that smells like feet.

29.) If you see something that needs to be done. Take the initiative and do it.

30.) If during rehearsal you have an instinct to move somewhere or do something. Try it. The directors will tell you if they don’t like it.

31.) Research your character a little bit. If you know the background, your character will be better.

32.) Never end a scene or monologue by actually saying the words “And Scene” you’ll be looked at like you are dumb.

33.) When drilling something in. Always check to make sure that it’s not on reverse. Apparently, it is possible to drill something in backwards….the screw will never come out. No one but, specht will be able to remove it.

34.) Don’t procrastinate the stagecraft projects….that will bite you in….well you get my drift.

35.) During capstone, be professional, treat it like an interview. It’s supposed to be helpful.

36.) Don’t kiss and tell. Unless you want to….someone will listen.

37.) During tech week don’t expect to have a social life.

38.) Ihop will be your best friend.

39.) Be modest about your talents. No one likes a show-off.

40.) If little fights are going on…try to stay out of it. If you are already in the fight….finish it thoroughly.

41.) When in doubt, ask someone.

42.) Contrary to popular belief there are such things as dumb questions. Such as: Can I wear flip-flops in lab? Can I be late to rehearsal for no good reason? Can I eat in the theater? Etc…

43.) If you get the chance to design something for a show don’t overdesign it’s about the actors. You are supposed to enhance them.

44.) When hanging a light Memorize the three C’s. C-clamp, safety Cable, Cord.

45.) Even if it’s not your lab day. If you have time. Come and help. It will be appreciated.

46.) If you don’t know what specht is talking about…tell him “I don’t know what you just said to me.” It works.

47.) While doing tech work, if specht will notice it…leave it. If Peters will…change it.

48.) If someone says clear the lineset…CLEAR THE FRICKIN’ LINESET! At least five steps back.

49.) In the theater if someone yells out anything say “Thank you!”.

50.) Whenever Peters starts a song….finish it.

51.) Lights in the black box suck. Be prepared.

52.) As a designer if you say the phrase “What if we do this.” The director will expect it. Only do what is possible.

53.) Never ask a designer a week before the show “Is this the way it’s gonna look?”

54.) It’s cold in the crowsnest, to sleep comfortably you’ll need a good blanket.

55.) You can fit four people comfortably on the mattress in the crows nest….five and up uncomfortably.

56.) During your stagecraft final do not hesitate to sleep in the light booth.

57.) If you don’t know stage directions learn them quickly!!!!!

58.) Don’t volunteer to do follow spot for Showtime. You will wanna die.

59.) The cabinets in the greenroom make for legit lockers.

60.) Any extra condiments that you may have put them in a drawer in the greenroom you will need them.

61.) The bathroom in the boy’s dressing room is for Number two…just sayin.

62.) Before you spend money on the budget check the prop room. It’s probably there.

63.) Make it a goal to have one conversation with David Raine. It will be awesome.

64.) If you ever feel stressed, talk to Mrs. Raine. You will feel better.

65.) If Mr. Peters calls you into his office with a smile on his face. You aren’t in trouble. Don’t be afraid.

66.) As a Stage Manager, make it a goal to speak to your director at least three times a day. Not including rehearsals.

67.) If you work the line set or focusing lights. Wear gloves.

68.) There’s a magic ladder in the Theater. Find it.

69.) It’s always cool to wear glasses whether you need them or not.

70.) Sweatpants are always acceptable.

71.) During techweek it’s acceptable to look like a hobo.

72.) Start accumulating Black pants, shirts, and shoes. You will need them.

73.) When Specht is at the top of the A-frame (the big ladder) don’t panic! He’s fine.

74.) If you are going to Sonic, you must ask everyone if they want something…even the directors.

75.) Harry Potter references are always welcome.

76.) It’s always cold here. ALWAYS!

77.) Use glow tape sparingly.

78.) Gaff tape is like duct tape on steroids.

79.) Buy a T-shirt from the touring shows. It’s good to have memories in clothing form.

80.) The box booms have four different names: juliets, prop rooms, and coves. They are all the same thing.

81.)” NOOOOOOOOOO!”….Is never good.

82.) When you don’t have a class….sit in on one of Mrs. Raine’s or Mr. Peters. It’s fun.

83.) Peter’s one-on-one time that he gives you to work on your scene is game time!! Take advantage of it!

84.) It is always a good idea to bring your stage manager refreshments….this does not mean bribes are acceptable. You just get to last another day.


86.) Never say that a play is boring because it has too much Talking. This is live theater not some lame vin diesel movie. Substance over explosives always win.

87.) There is a time and a place to be lazy. In lab is not one of them.

88.) Don’t text when you are supposed to be doing something.

89.) Don’t badmouth the directors. Chances are everyone likes them more than you.

90.) It is always okay to make a random movie quote. You’ll find someone who knows what you’re talking about.

91.) Always make a point to check the callboard.

92.) If you are making a long list such as this one for tech notes . If you are not sure if people are actually reading it. Make a code word. Such as turkey face. Then you can quiz them later.

93.) Singing loudly and off key is always acceptable!

94.) Specht is Dr. Dolittle. Deal with it.

95.) Specht means woodpecker in German. Random fact.

96.) You should never apologize for your language around fellow theatre nerds. They’ve always heard worse.

97.) Make friends with the janitors it will come in handy.

98.) If caught in the theater at night. Just say you’re a techie.

99.) Don’t make excuses for not having your scene prepared. Just say your name and say thank you.

100.) This list is your bible!  It will make your life so much easier. Trust us.

101.) It's okay to have a job, be a full time student, and be a theatre major. It is possible. Should definitely add this. Just saying

102.) If something doesn't quite fit, don't be afraid to kick it.

103.) Duct tape and Gaff tape are two seperate things, learn the difference.

104.) Always have a flashlight. On you, in your purse, in your shoe. Where ever, but it will always come in handy.

105.) Beware of flying squirrels. Who are all named Bob.

106.) Pay attention and read the plays that are currently in production. It will help you immensely when someone makes a reference during lab and tech. (I know I am very guilty. Others can learn from my mistakes! XD)

107.) Fast food is your best friend.



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May. 2nd, 2011 06:27 pm (UTC)
15.) Don’t be afraid to ask the older majors questions. They have probably done it and messed up. Learn from their mistakes. Then you won’t have to learn from yours.

My life philosophy, right there. And #75 means your school is awesome, which is making me envious. :)
May. 2nd, 2011 08:15 pm (UTC)
23.) Caffeine is your friend.

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